Do you feel like a star in your own home or office?


Weaver House, Moroccan lamp alcove

You should. And that’s what I do.

Practical Sanctuary uses design principles to:

  • Boost your mood, productivity and immune system
  • Lower stress levels
  • Attract more clients to your business and fun into your life

    “Practical Sanctuary turned a source of stress into a fun game.” –Becky W.

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How can your space help you create, prosper and heal?

Your surroundings play an important role in your life. They trigger how you feel. How you feel impacts how you create, prosper and heal. Color, sound, light, texture and aroma all speak to our bodies and minds on a deep and personal level.

How we feel, in turn, profoundly affects our health. It tells our immune system how to function, regulates our endocrine system, and helps or hinders our ability to think.

Practical Sanctuary helps you create a space at home or work that supports you in every way. It helps you work, enhances your rest and brings you closer to manifesting your best self and deepest desires. We do this together, with conscious awareness.

You Are The Greatest

Bodywise Wellness, boxing corner

“The most amazing benefit of having a beautiful and well-organized fitness studio: I’ve doubled my business in 3 months since the project was completed! “–Kate J., Bodywise Wellness


With Practical Sanctuary, your space is your temple.


 Remember Kindergarten creativity? It’s still there.


Franny Lou’s Porch, children’s corner

You are not conventional. Perhaps you create your own job title. Or started your own business. Maybe you take off for South American on whims. Or design your own wardrobe.

Whatever you do–writing, programming, researching, inventing, healing–you do with style, originality, and flair. Some might go so far as to call you a freak, but you don’t have much use for those people.

What if your office could be as joyful as a tree house?


What if your living room could make you feel you were at your favorite spa? What if you could wake up every morning feeling like the first day of vacation?

WideanglelivingroomFeeling skeptical?

Afraid it’s expensive? Or that you have no time? Or that Interior Designers are so bourgeois?

Working with Practical Sanctuary is easy, it’s fun and it’s affordable within the budget you’ve got.

The key ingredient–the inimitable you–is already present. You’ve got the genius, the life experience, the exceptional taste. All you need is someone to help you curate and install.

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