Your Natural Habitat.

Peacock nook: Indirect, no-glare light fixture with ceiling fan. Windows softened with plants on both sides. Secondhand wood furniture. Tiffany reproduction lamp. Custom peacock mural.

You are unique.

Your environment is an extension of your nervous system. When your space is tailored to your specific needs, you feel cradled and supported. When things around you assault your senses, you can’t function. Your perfect design solution is a puzzle that integrates your temperament with your space and your resources.

We solve that puzzle together. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’ll get you on top of your vision. If you’re feeling frustrated by a difficult space or a too-small budget, we’ll find the magic that unfolds it. If you’re working double time for lackluster results, we’ll waft you into ease and grace.

Designing your space is simple and fun, because there’s nobody like you. Everything around you unfolds from you, supports you, and sings the song you write.

Hey there. I’m Stephanie.

Stephanie Lee Jackson, Photo by Amber Johnston.

Practical Sanctuary emerged when my art and healing practices converged.

I was a fine artist for twenty years, the kind who drags furniture out of dumpsters, gets arrested for graffiti, founds ‘alternative’ galleries and wanders the globe in search of inspiration. After eight years of painting, blogging and founding artist-run projects in New York City, I moved to Philadelphia in 2010 with my young daughter and developed my full-time massage business, Practical Bodywork.

In late 2012, clients began to commission design projects for their homes and offices.  My experience with color, composition, design and art installation allowed me to manifest their ideas for extraordinary spaces. My experience with healing through relaxation gave me a deep understanding of how your surroundings affect your nervous system. These projects inspired me to help others in the creation of healing environments. 

Creating a personal sanctuary is collaborative. In sensory design, we tailor your space to your unique needs, with an emphasis on creating spaces which provide the exact levels of soothing and stimulation to help you and your family function at your peak. I approach a design project by getting to know you and your family, your concerns, vision and goals before making a plan. We work with your existing resources as much as possible, only making major alterations when we have determined the elements which will make your heart sing.

Living creatively for most of adulthood gave me an understanding of what things are essential, what things don’t matter, and how to find joy in every moment, whatever your resources. It is my privilege to put my skills and insights at your disposal.

Stephanie Lee Jackson

Philadelphia, 2017