How To Avoid Being Swallowed

repost from the Practical Bodywork Blog It’s impossible to overstate how big an effect your environment has on your nervous system. Living in urban environments, it’s easy to forget that human beings evolved, literally, in nature. Our nervous systems are attuned to cues that have been in place for millions of […]

How NOT to Hang Art

What’s wrong with this picture? No, it’s not that the center painting is “pornographic” and “a danger to children and vulnerable adults.” It’s the aesthetic cacophony. Friends, there is no better way to have your art installation scream, “I was curated on a shoestring budget and installed in a hallway […]

Historical Object #92DHR: Fish Hooks.

Assemblage class, San Francisco Art Institute, 1992. Darla H., whose days of notoriety were yet to come, asked the class to contribute some hair to her project. I had recently had an epiphany about hair, hacking off my waist-length blonde locks to chin level and dying them blue-black, so I […]