Room Design

We create spaces which make you feel the way you want to feel,

taking into account the bones of the space as well as your personality, family needs and activities.

Let us help you create an environment which supports, energizes and inspires you.

Renovation and Moving Design

Remodeling a house–whether you have lived in it for years,

or you are customizing a new purchase–can be overwhelming.

Practical Sanctuary can help you prioritize and tailor your remodeling plans

to your habits, needs and personality.

Renovating and decorating a house that you are moving into with a significant other

multiplies the complexities, almost to infinity.

Your interior designer can coach and buffer you through the process of creating a space

that suits your whole expanded family.

 Business Branding

You want your business to speak for you without you having to say a word.

As an entrepreneur, you are a natural creator with a unique vision;

Practical Sanctuary can support you in making that vision sing.

Decorative Painting and Mural Design

There are very few things that Practical Sanctuary cannot do with paint.

If you have a vision which would benefit from the hand of an experienced artist,

let’s collaborate.

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