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Sympathetic Magic: creating on a symbolic scale what we wish to create on a global one

What Our Clients Say…

"I had a burst of creativity after Stephanie came to my home...she is reliable, friendly, extremely talented and professional. I recommend her highly.

--Irene C., Cheltenham, PA
" I am truly grateful for your kindness, support, clear vision and detailed ideas. My consult with you was invaluable."

--Lisa H., Philadelphia, PA
If you're looking to redecorate, or you or your children need a cozy space that's soothing, comforting and feels delicious and just right, reach out to Stephanie. She is magical.

--Jill P., copywriter and entrepreneur, Denver, CO

"It felt like Stephanie became a member of the family."

--Anna and John B., teacher and student, Dallas, Texas
 For Steph, it's not just about how a room looks at a glance when you first walk into it, but how it feels to use the room on a regular basis.

--S Ragovin, archivist, Philadelphia

Stephanie had clear, practical advice and a partner she trusted -- and her solutions were far less expensive than I had been fearing! She's great at keeping a project moving, and we had substantial improvements in a very short period of time. I’m very happy we did this project.”--Helen H., Philadelphia

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