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If you’re a highly sensitive person, you know all about sensory overwhelm. In stressful surroundings, you get drained, exhausted, can’t focus or make a decision.

We take that away.

At Practical Sanctuary, we work with more than just your furniture, color design and layout. We address your pain levels, your health needs, your functional needs and your relationships. We walk with you through a creative process which allows you to be more YOU than ever before.

We believe that this process should be fun, simple, and productive of insights on many levels. Our goal is to design an environment which allows you to thrive.

But don’t take our word for it. Sign up for our free Eccentric Genius Habitat Intervention E-Course. It’s designed to connect you with your own superpowers, with a side of creative inspiration. 

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Who We Are

Stephanie Lee Jackson

Stephanie Lee Jackson


Stephanie came to sensory design through a spiral path. For more than twenty years, she was a professional fine artist, studying at the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA Painting) and the University of Texas at Austin (BA Plan II/Studio Art). She studied massage therapy at the National Holistic Institute in California, and built a massage practice specializing in pain relief

Practical Sanctuary emerged when her art and healing practices converged.

She founded Healing Arts Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, co-founded Three Muses Artspace in San Francisco, and spent decades striving to create paintings which charged the space around them. Along the way she came to intimately understand color, texture, visual design, space, and something that you might call ‘energy.’

At the same time, she studied the neuroscience of pain relief. Working with clients, she learned the ways in which our environment affects our nervous system, in both positive and negative ways. Having many friends and family on the autism spectrum, she became an accidental expert in psychology and sensory sensitivity.

In 2012, clients began to commission design projects for their homes and offices. She combined her understanding of art, psychology and neurology to create a specialized niche: sensory interior design.

Dr. Kathryn Hansen

Dr. Kathryn Hansen

Sensory-Inclusive Design Consultant

Dr. Hansen is a licensed occupational therapist, researcher, teacher, and sensory-inclusive design consultant. She provides guidance to designers, architects, and families on how to support a person’s sensory needs and preferences through the built environment. Her work primarily focuses on children with autism spectrum disorder, as well individuals with other sensory-related conditions such as ADHD, genetic disorders, dementia, PTSD, and traumatic brain injury. 

Read Dr. Hansen’s article, Sensory Integration: How to Decode What Your Child is Telling You