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Climbing the Mountain

Image: Looking up a tall escalator toward a tiny figure at the top

THIS WEEK I DID SOMETHING HARD. I asked for help. Help for a problem that made me feel ashamed and terrified.

A miracle occurred. I got WAY more help than I asked for, in more areas than I thought possible.

When we are highly sensitive, that can encompass both physical and emotional sensitivity. We might be hyper-aware of how asking for help infringes on people’s time, their energy, their financial resources. We get stuck in an ‘it’s okay, I CAN HANDLE IT’ mentality.

The thing is, humans are interdependent. Our sensitivities are giving us good information–information that isn’t just useful to us. It’s meant to be shared.

And when we don’t share our struggles, the world loses our valuable insights, too.

When we work with design clients, it’s never a one-way street. We learn as much from you as vice versa. We take that information and pass it to thousands of others who need it.

Shame and isolation keep us stuck. Connection moves mountains.

So, what do you need help with today?