Decluttering Your Mind

This week I went on a decluttering tear. Sorting paperwork became two days of cleaning, purging, reorganizing, repairing, maintaining and rethinking systems.

Frankly, it felt at the time like procrastination. Surely I should have been working on my business?

But as soon as I went back to ‘work,’ my productivity skyrocketed. I found myself being effortlessly pro-active, whether it was doing client follow-ups, meeting proposal and marketing deadlines, clearing my inbox or acting on creative inspirations.


Not pictured: piles of unopened mail, ten coats, bags, toys, miscellaneous trip hazards

Moreover, my family is eating better, because all the food in the fridge is fresh, attractive and easy to find. My daughter and I have more relaxing evenings, more bedtime jokes, and better sleep.

The fact is, spaces which are organized, uncluttered and appealing support quality of life and mindful productivity in countless, continuous ways.


Not pictured: so many books and appliances that it's impossible to wipe countertop clean


Not pictured: pile of unsorted mail, school papers, 1.5 years of the New Yorker

When your mind isn’t battling chaos, you can do more than you ever imagined.


Not pictured: mountain of books and art supplies, unstable chairs in need of repair, residual crumbs

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