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Practical Sanctuary Blog

Interior design for the highly sensitive person.

Magical Fairyland Patio, With Cat

From Grunge to Gorgeous

March of 2020: lockdown. What I crave more than anything: a garden. What I’ve got: 100 square feet of broken […]

The ONE Biggest Mistake

For sensitive people, EVERYTHING feels like a huge issue. And for those with ADD-type brains, struggles with executive function can […]

Image: Looking up a tall escalator toward a tiny figure at the top

Climbing the Mountain

THIS WEEK I DID SOMETHING HARD. I asked for help. Help for a problem that made me feel ashamed and […]

Top row of windows on Dwight Eisenhower Office Building near the White House.

Space, Power and Sexism

When we talk about space, we inevitably talk about power. Those who have power, control the space.This photo was taken […]