You kick it old school.

Upgrading your space requires attention to temperament, reckoning of resources, and a practiced honing of flair. Bring it on!

Sensory Sensitivity Analysis: 

This is an experiential process, and it’s really fun, like going on a personalized meditation retreat. You’ll discover things about yourself which might surprise your mother.

Intense Irritant Troubleshoot: 

There is no point in repainting while the next-door neighbor takes a SawsAll to your common wall. We will make arrangements. Legally.

Habit Mapping:

We adapt your space to your pathways, instead of vice versa.   

Genius Color Test: 

This is where things get exciting. Finding the right colors is the design equivalent of salting the soup: pedestrian function becomes scintillating ecstasy. We have VIP access to hi-tech color design tools, specialized palettes for the visually struggling, and even cutting-edge paint formulations which eliminate VOCs and MRSA, for the highly sensitive or immune-compromised.

Light Intervention: 

Never again will you experience eye-watering glare, the cold despair of an interrogation room, or unnecessary seizures. We analyze the natural light, ceiling height, existing fixtures and functional requirements of your space in order to create a lighting solution which eliminates both eyestrain and existential anomie.

Furniture Sales Interference: 

Sometimes, you need help deciding what NOT to buy. We shop your basement, your closets, and your parents’ attic before paying retail. Repair, recycling and re-purposing inspires your creativity as well as sustaining the environment.

When you do make a purchase, you will know that this is the exact item which serves your specific needs, besides delighting your senses.

Total Habitat Upgrade: 

We do not desist until every detail of your surroundings triggers a deep and abiding joy in your heart.

Cost: $1850. Includes consultation time, up to four retail excursions, material sourcing, labor sourcing, project management, and styling. 

Payment schedules available.



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