How To End Plagues: Clean Your Air


Once upon a time, I melted down in a yoga studio over a filthy cat box. It wasn’t my finest moment. But in my upcoming book, I give detailed instructions for how to keep your studio free of cat odors, or face the wrath of Yelp.

Because clean air is not just about placating your customers who are highly sensitive to smell. It’s about preventing disease transmission.

As Charles Forsberg, MIT nuclear engineer points out:

“History has shown that most diseases are stopped by shutting down disease transmission, not late-arriving vaccines or hospital treatments, and that the most enduring way to stop transmission is via engineered public health systems, such as water treatment plants and mosquito control districts.”

In other words, plagues don’t end until their human hosts change the environment that allows them to thrive.

In the case of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the virus is transmitted by airborne particles. We need to improve our ventilation and filtration systems in order to stop it.

Designing your office around the needs of your most sensitive clients can keep ALL of your clients alive and thriving.

And that’s just good business.

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