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Virtual Space Triage Intensive Design Solution

“The house not only feels like my home again; it feels like the best version of my home.”

–Lisa H., Philadelphia, PA

Our intensive process takes you far deeper than wall colors and furniture styles. We dig into your health, relationship and productivity needs, and map out a realistic plan to get them met.

Restorative Design, Transformational Design Packages

“Working with Stephanie helped me clarify my authentic style…she listened until she clearly understood.”

–Irene C, Cheltenham,  PA

Restorative design: a process of creating a space which supports your superpowers.

Unlike design companies which aim to create an image by selling you a lot of stuff at markup (hello, Houzz!), Practical Sanctuary starts with the essence of good design: YOU. Your essential self is our template.

Our Restorative Design system closes the gap between your brilliant mind and your overwhelming matter. We take you through a series of assessments, discovery and problem-solving which address ALL your concerns: your relationships, your health, your productivity and your personal growth goals. We help you move gracefully through major changes, whether they be a new job, a move, a relationship shift or a health crisis.