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Restorative Design, Transformational Design Packages

Restorative design: the process of creating a space which supports your superpowers. 

Unlike design companies which aim to create an image by selling you a lot of stuff at markup (hello, Houzz!), Practical Sanctuary starts with the essence of good design: YOU. Your essential self is our template.

Our Restorative Design system closes the gap between your brilliant mind and your overwhelming matter. We take you through a series of assessments, discovery and problem-solving which address ALL your concerns: your relationships, your health, your productivity and your personal growth. We help you move gracefully through major changes, whether they be a new job, a move, a relationship shift or a health crisis.

Change takes time, and our signature Restorative Design package includes structured support over the course of those changes.


Step 1: Discovery

We kick off with an intensive discovery session where we delve into everything which you may be struggling with, as well as the goals you aspire to.

  • Sensory issues: What's your EGHI profile?
  • Relationships: What other people are you sharing space with, and what are their needs? Are you in transition–getting married, divorced, having a child? What are you relationship goals?
  • Health: What health issues are you dealing with, and what would you like to improve?
  • Executive function: How much mental bandwidth do you have for making decisions on a daily basis, and what can we do to offload or augment some of it?
  • Job and productivity: Are you working remotely, or commuting? How can we structure your space in order to support your focus, comfort and productivity on the job?
  • Aesthetic taste: What's your style? How can we more fully reflect your unique self in your surroundings?
  • Career: What are you aspirations, and how can we help you move to the next level by designing a space which supports them?

At this meeting, we will also do our initial documentation: gathering photos, measurements and style inspiration which will form the basis of the planning process. 

We set up a communication plan: a schedule of regular meetings, shared albums, inspiration boards and clear goals with concrete milestones


Step 2: Clarity

Design is an organic process. The structure we use allows for play, serendipity, and a gradual unfolding at a pace which is comfortable for you.

  • Identification: We dig out the hidden treasures which form the essence of your aesthetic.
  • Creation: We develop themes around your seed design elements.
  • Flow: With the help of digital layouts and regular check-ins, we create a plan which supports your work, play and aspirations.
  • Amplification: We employ color design and swatch testing to amplify the mood of every room.
  • Support: We identify the gaps in your existing structures, and help you source the perfect items and processes to fill these gaps.


Step 3: Metrics and Milestones

Inspiration is one thing; tangible results are another. Your project package includes a highly personalized set of concrete goals and milestones which help you stay on track.  

  • Deliverables: We will develop a written project plan, process notes and timeline.
  • Digital layouts: Know how everything fits before you start moving couches.
  • Accountability: Weekly check-ins for support and troubleshooting, plus text and email support.

Specialties and Bonuses

Your customized project package may include any or all of our unique special offerings:

  • Occupational therapist consultation, for special needs families.
  • Creative project day: how to design original art for your space, led by a professional artist.
  • Styling day: get your space magazine-ready!
  • Garden plan: How to choose and care for the plants which suit your space and your temperament, indoors and out.

High-Touch Investment

We understand how challenging–even triggering–major changes can be. A big part of your investment in yourself is receiving empathetic support from people who have been in your shoes. We have worked with clients in the process of international moves, divorces, health crises and chronic illnesses

Only a small part of your interior design is about fixtures and furniture. The bigger part is your FEELINGS: memories, relationships, goals and activities which can either hurt or heal.

We help you create a space which reminds you how amazing you are, every moment of every day.