Neurodiversity and Inclusion at Work

Panel discussion on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, at Villanova University, April 2023. Lighting, sound baffling and natural views provide a sensory accessible experience.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging: having a moment in business, education, culture and policy. But when neurodiverse individuals may struggle to find inclusion and acceptance in business and social environments, businesses often neglect their needs.

As we know, teams that include neurodiverse members can be significantly more productive. When considering DEI & B initiatives, keep in mind that adapting for the needs of neurodiverse employees can yield big results.

Neurodiverse team members may thrive with support such as:

• Knowing what to expect during interviews–what the space is like, what questions will be asked.

• Technology tailored to accessibility.

• Universal design which takes sensory issues into account: light and sound control, visual privacy, texture and flexibility of furniture.

Practical Sanctuary offers an interior design assessment package for businesses who understand that supporting neurodiverse employees is good for both your team culture and your bottom line. Book a consultation today.

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Practical Sanctuary, Sensory Interior Design

Practical Sanctuary, sensory interior design, specializes in interior design for highly sensitive people.
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