Neurodiversity At Work: Teams With Superpowers


Teams which include neurodiverse professionals are 30% more productive, according to a recent study published by the Harvard Business Review.

“Adding neurodiversity to your teams enhances the way in which your team is able to identify potential problems or opportunities for improvement, analyze situations, brainstorm alternative solutions, and simplify processes,” says Dr. Liz Wilson, behavioral scientist and Founder of Include Inc. “These teams can also determine solutions that meet the needs of all people.”

The caveat: every member of your team must receive proper support. Dr. Wilson recently published a framework around the eight inclusion needs of all people, including neurodiversity as a factor.

  • Access: Ensuring all people can see and hear, or understand via alternatives, workplace communications; and physically access or use workplace tools.
  • Space: Ensuring workplace spaces allow all people the comfort and safety to do what they need to do.
  • Opportunity: Ensuring the workplace provides opportunities to all people which fulfill their potential.
  • Representation: Ensuring all people can contribute and are equally heard and valued.
  • Allowance: Ensuring that teams make allowances, without judgement, to accommodate the specific needs of all people.
  • Language: Ensuring the choice of words or language consider the specific needs of all people.
  • Respect: Ensuring workplace culture respectfully considers the history, identity, and beliefs of all people.
  • Support: Ensuring the workplace provides additional support, to enable all people to achieve desired outcomes.

You don’t have to design your support systems alone.

For more information on how Practical Sanctuary can support your superpowered team, book a Sensory Assessment Q & A here. 

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