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2306, 2020

Sensory Integration: How To Decode What Your Child Is Telling You

By |June 23, 2020|

So often, children with sensory issues are treated for behavioral problems, with or without acknowledging what sensory needs might be driving the behavior. When therapists focus on addressing unwanted behaviors without digging deeper, we can miss an opportunity to help a struggling child.

2304, 2020

The ONE Biggest Mistake

By |April 23, 2020|

You don't have to take down a wall to see radical improvement in your interior design. Just start with the simple stuff!

2004, 2020

The Eccentric Genius: Neurodiversity and Design

By |April 20, 2020|

Neurodiverse people have brains that differ from the majority, in the ways they organize and process information. This can include people on the autism spectrum, people with sensory sensitivities, and people with ADHD. There is a lot of overlap, and specific patterns of neurodiversity vary quite a bit.

304, 2020

Feral Artists and Eccentric Habitats

By |April 3, 2020|

"...the two things that stood out about SFAI was that it provided no formal education and no practical support, either during your tenure there or upon graduation. Students were simply thrown into a mud pit and encouraged to rend one another."

Eccentric Genius Habitat Intervention

Are you an eccentric genius?

You’re in the right place, darling.

In this free e-course, you will discover:

The ONE design mistake that NEARLY ALL HUMANS make in their habitats, and how to fix it in 15 minutes. (You will roll your eyes. And cry.)

Three senses your kindergarten teacher didn’t mention. (And how they make you a NINJA.)

The design trend which created an epidemic of shut-ins. (NOT COVID-19. Some of us now know the meaning of schadenfreude.)

Why Febreze is EVIL. (There should be a warning label.)

What kinds of light fixtures will be BANNED when the establishment comes to its senses.

What color has to do with hormones. (And how to leverage it–St. John’s Wort, piffle!)

What NEVER to do, ever ever, if you do not wish to induce psychosis, extreme depression, vertigo, or actual regurgitation in guests and members of your own family. (We all love those Bad Examples.)

Practical Sanctuary, Sensory Interior Design

Practical Sanctuary, sensory interior design, specializes in interior design for highly sensitive people.
We help you create spaces which are:

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