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Friends School Lobby



A Friends school wants a foyer and lobby which showcases the school values of diversity, equality, cooperation and welcome.  In collaboration with parents, faculty and administration, Practical Sanctuary designed a simple theme using patterns from cultures around the globe–textile designs, mosaics and tiles.

We selected and traced the patterns on the wall with charcoal,

then hand-painted them with a simple palette, chosen to brighten and expand the lower level lobby.

Country of origin identifies each pattern.

Rug and furnishings were chosen in line with colors and theme,

priced within the budget of the school community.

A quote from Quaker founder George Fox articulates the values of the school,

in line with the visual theme.

An exuberant pattern of leaves and waves begins at the transition between second and first floors,

leading prospective families toward the lobby and offices, tying the design together.

Faculty, parents and students report that the new lobby design creates the very feeling of joy, welcome and diversity that we were aiming for.