Space, Power and Sexism

When we talk about space, we inevitably talk about power. Those who have power, control the space. This photo was taken on National Association for Women Business Owners Advocacy Day, outside the Dwight Eisenhower Building, after we visited the White House.

We advocated for increased access to capital for women business owners, and for the federal designation of ‘microbusiness’, which should apply to 90% of women-owned businesses.

Because when you own a sole proprietorship, financed by bootstrapping, regulations and venture capital that focus on ‘small businesses’ with 300 employees and $3M annual revenue don’t apply to you.

And only 2% of venture capital goes to women-owned businesses.

We only change these statistics by helping one another.

In July, I gave a radio interview on LeadUp for Women’s #Leadwithoutpermission, hosted by Colleen Biggs. Her mission is to support women in empowering one another through their businesses, nonprofits, healing and community.

Earlier that day, @actingyogini shared her yoga practice in the park with me–caterpillars and all–and I made us breakfast.

This week, Practical Sanctuary is teaming up with Close at Hand Innovations, a woman-owned gardenscaping business, to create a popup urban garden in Philadelphia. Lauch is this Friday, September 6, 2418 Martha St. from 4-7PM. Come visit!

And that’s just a tiny snapshot of all the love, vision, kindness, practical and moral support I receive from the women around me, year in and year out, through so many iterations, epiphanies, meltdowns, brainstorms and do-overs.

I hope I support all of you as well as you support me. Thank you!!

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