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Space Triage

Fast Transformations.

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your space? Like you don't know what the problem is, or where to start?

Our Space Triage sessions tackle your biggest interior design problems. In half a day, we analyze your space, your health, your relationships, and your stuck points. We tackle overall design structures and small annoyances. We make immediate changes.

And we leave you with a clear plan to build on those changes.

“I am truly grateful to you for your kindness, support, clear vision and detailed ideas.”

–Lisa H., Philadelphia
chronic fatigue syndrome

Bedroom Recommendations

“You created an office in three hours! That was fun!”

Mitch H., Belfast, ME

Mitch's Office: After

Your intervention was incredibly helpful. I feel much more grounded in my office.”


–Karen L., Boston, MA

Cubby Vignette

“Working with Stephanie helped me to clarify my authentic style and to begin expanding my ideas with courage and clarity.”

–Irene C., Cheltenham, PA

Irene Dining After