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Elevate Your Event.

Stephanie dancing in the park

Looking for a speaker who will get your audience actively engaged and energized?

Stephanie wants to connect with you and your team!

Her signature talks on neuroscience, interior design, sustainability and healing will inspire your group with new insight into how you live, move and create in your spaces. Engaging, insightful, and outside the corporate box, Stephanie's talks are guaranteed to get your energy flowing.

Neurodiversity and Design: Designing Sensory Accessible Spaces


Neurodiversity and Design: Designing Sensory Accessible Spaces. The TED talk in progress.

    • How neurodiversity works, and why it gives you superpowers.
    • How architecture and interior design affect your sensory system, for good AND ill.
    • Design trends which make it hard to function, and how to fix them.
    • How to create spaces for sensory inclusivity.

VIDEO: Stephanie speaks at Blue Cadet Design Studio, Philadelphia, PA


Elevate: The Eccentric Genius Habitat Workshop

  • Simple, fun exercises to find your sensory profile.
  • Create your sensory blueprint on the spot!
  • Discover how small tweaks in your space can trigger BIG changes.
  • Grace, not judgment: navigating sensory differences at home and at work. 
Sensory Real Estate Bootcamp

Sensory Real Estate Bootcamp: Find and fix the sensory challenges in any space. 

  • From urban row home to suburban office park: sensory issues in your locale. 
  • The perks and pitfalls of open plan offices. 
  • How to make your industrial conversion FEEL as good as it looks. 
  • New construction: things to pay attention to, things to avoid. 

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Interview by Bradford Bucknum, Philadelphia Sustainable Business Network

Why would it be a loss for our society to not consider how to be more inclusive in the workplace to people who are neurodiverse?

Neurodiverse people have superpowers! They will literally save the planet!

Hyper-focus, systems design, programming, scientific analysis, creative insight—there’s a lot of overlap between the kinds of skills that built the tech economy, and the superpowers of the neurodiverse. There’s a reason that Silicon Valley and other tech-heavy areas have a higher rate of autism diagnoses among their children.

Our species is evolving to become more neurodiverse, as a response to the ways we have changed the environment. It’s my bet that neurodiverse people will be key players in solving the problems that threaten our existence, such as climate change, because unlike most neurotypicals, they can’t easily ignore uncomfortable circumstances. Most of us learn to compartmentalize the idea that, say, much of our coastline will be underwater in 50 years, or that the Trump administration is killing small children and wrecking our democratic institutions. Neurodiverse people, not so much. They don’t have those cognitive filters. They see a problem, and will not rest until they solve it.