Sybaritic Disease Control: The Case for Spa-Like Hospitals

Last month I finally got covid. Because of vaccines, it was mild. I spent the week drinking tea and taking hot baths in my recently renovated, deeply luxurious bathroom.
Blue and white bathroom with claw foot tub, oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, white Queen Anne style vanity, Britannia Soho floor tile

When we renovated this small bathroom, we didn’t change the layout. We removed an old acrylic pre-fab tub, installed new flooring and the blue tile with built-in shelf, and ordered the small claw foot tub to fit.

Heat and hydration are cheap, low-tech ways of supporting your body’s repair systems. Not only does hot water open congested airways and help flush pathogens through lymph nodes, it helps the body relax.
Relaxation is not just for fun. It’s another term for activation of the parasympathetic nervous system: rest, digest, and repair.
Modern hospitals might as well be designed for activating the sympathetic nervous system: fight, flight or freeze. With their bright lights, frequent alarms, uncontrolled temperature, bad smells, and loads of sinister-looking equipment in every room, they rarely communicate ‘safety and care’ messages to your nervous system.
Trying to heal in a hospital is like pressing the immune system brakes and accelerator at the same time.
I’ve never regretted turning my bathroom into a mini-spa, but this week it paid for itself.
If we did the same in hospitals, the benefits would be incalculable.

Bath time is now the highlight of my week.

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