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The ONE Biggest Mistake

Dance Jam Living Room

This week I was interviewed by a colleague in New Zealand, a digital marketing coach who works with women entrepreneurs. She sent me a list of GREAT questions, which we never got around to talking about. The joys of ADHD! 

But I’m so glad she asked them, because I never ask these things of myself. The one which knocked me over: “What are the top three mistakes you see people making in their environment?”

And there’s only one.

That one? 

Not fixing SMALL issues because you don’t have the time, energy or resources to tackle the BIG ones.

Because I specialize in high sensitivity and neurodiversity, I see this ALL THE TIME. For sensitive people, EVERYTHING feels like a huge issue. And for those with ADD-type brains, struggles with executive function can derail your ability to prioritize, and weigh cost-benefit analysis when deciding what projects to take on. 

(True story: I was once helping a colleague put together a marketing plan for a t-shirt design. We established that she needed to make a prototype. The first item on her task list? ‘Take down wall.’)

You don’t have to take down a wall to see radical improvement in your space/energy/focus feedback loop. Just start with the simple stuff! Untangle your computer cables, plow back your trip hazards, get your screen out of the glare. Have a dance break scurryfunge

(Scurryfunge: (verb) Old English; to rush around cleaning when company is on the way over.)

Set a timer for fifteen minutes, put on the BEST dance music, and only do the stuff that’s EASY. The exercise will sharpen your focus, and the clarity in your space will do the same.

Cat sitting atop a very high bookshelf, looking down with an alarmed expression.