Why Highly Sensitive People Hate Dating

Ever had a splendid first date with a Perfectly Nice Person, only to discover that they only had one date in them? Congratulations, my dear! You may be Highly Sensitive.

This lovely new book explains why.

Because High Sensitivity is not just aversion to odors, chaos and conflict; it’s addiction to Deep Analysis.

Highly sensitive people tend to be highly empathic and attuned to our environment. We become overwhelmed in crowds. We think a lot, read a lot, create a lot. We take a long time to recover from trauma.

And more than anything else, we crave the kind of intimacy that arises from deep processing. We are not a Publicity Flyer; we are Middlemarch.

So when we turn the page and find that’s all they wrote, it’s SO disappointing.

Sensitive: The Hidden Power of a Highly Sensitive Person in a Loud, Fast, Too-Much World, by Jenn Granneman and Andre Sólo

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